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Many thanks. cods is the production of my vtr but also available in carbon, is 5 cm shorter than the original.more inclined towards the top and lowest Session.media flagship front of my aluminum production.now working on the brakes, air filter, front fender and other details soon .... new photos

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Love the bigger headlight.

The stock one is fugly.
Love the stock headlight because it's small and tucked in between the forks...

this looks like an old Yamaha XJ front..

But the rest of the bike is really great! I love the solo Tail!


luis, next change should be rear shocks! :)

keep posting! :D

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Me likey: tailsection and paint job. Very nice.
Me no likey: Stickers (edelbrock? andrews?) and checkered flags.

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the first changes on xr1200 ...... soon new changes

Hi, try to ghet pictures here because i cannot register on the Italian website it will not let me in with register etc.

or...send pictures to : [email protected].

question: in Italy their is a special xr1200 with...ohlings/ 2 termi exhaust and a bellypan.

i like the bellypan/undertray do you maybe have some information about that ?

gr. DutchXR1200

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Hee Dutchxr1200, welcome to the forum. Nice pics. Which part of holland do you live?
Seems like a few dutch XR riders managed to find this great site, our numbers are increasing:clap::clap::clap:

Greetz Stef

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hi Stef.

Yiure Dutch to i rhink ?

i,m from the middle of Holland living in Ede.
You ride also an xr1200 ?
i got mine over about 2 weeks or earlyer i think.
maybe i buy an Remus exhaust to and put it on the xr before i get it in Amersfoort.

Where are you from Stef ?

gr .Dutchxr1200

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Let's see if there are some guy's here who get it right when translating this next bit :pinch:

Ik woon in Den Helder, begreep ik goed dat je hem over 2 weken gaat halen bij de saloon?
Rijd inderdaad ook Xr, uiteraard de snelle oranje kleur.

That's enough dutch for now, i have a full Remus exhaust on the bike with the powerizer and i like it very much. Small piece of advice/tip, when you are searching the web for a good deal on the exhaust and other parts do not forget to check Matt's website "Adrenelin-Moto", not only does he have a lot of stuff to put on but i saved almost 300 euro's on the complete system i bought at his shop. Taxes are only 15% instead of the normal 19% and because it is business within europa you don't have to pay any customs over it :clap::clap::clap:

If you want it in dutch just send me an PM.

Greetz Stef
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