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This may take you longer to read than to accomplish.
Remove left side cover..not necessary, but it you can see better.
Starting with the rear...this is your O2 sensor connector.

Even though it's on the left side of the XR, I found it easier to work on it from the other side since there is nothing in the way from that side. It is fixed onto a little mounting post that the connector just slides onto. Unslide it by pulling it down and then it's loose and you can disconnect it.

Now just plug the XIEDs between these two connectors. Make sure that you get a good "click" so that you know they are locked together. Push the original connector back onto the mounting post by aligning it and pushing it up.
I just tucked mine in among the other wires.

Moving on to the front one...it's right here below the oil cooler...


and add in the XIEDs...

Again, I just tucked them in.
That's it!! Have a beer.

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Somebody say BEER? :cool: Later,

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