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Made up a new exhaust for the XR
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Not the happiest with all the welds, especially the overlap welds on the headers themselves... But it will do for now.
Weighs in at 12.2lbs, reasonably quiet, maybe a bit louder than I would like but not bad. I will probably shorten it up and pull the slip on a bit closer to the engine to avoid any frame mount on the pipe, it wags a bit way out where it is.
Nice work, looks pretty good to me! Perhape some high temp paint on the primaries, though?


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So, how does that pipe perform?

I've been doing some maintenance on the XR. Lube the head bearings, pull all electric connectors apart and put some diëlectric/silicone grease on them, gave the injectors an ultrasonic bath,...

I'm still trying to find out why/whether the bike is running rich. I would use my powervision to read the O2 voltages, but those just jump around from 0.1 to 0.9 all the time (except at higher throttle settings, when out of closed loop), even at idle. Don't know if that's normal or not. I'm going to make a video and send it to Dynojet and ask them.
12881 - 12883 of 12883 Posts