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What Have You Done To Your XR Today?

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I thought this would be a good spot for people to post any of those little mods they did on their XR from day to day.

Maybe you added some bags (bagger!) or some LED indicators.

Maybe you washed the bike.

MayB you put some new tires on there.

Who know?

Just post up!

Oh, and we like pictures.
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OK, this was actually done Sunday, and is not complete, but:

Built some hangers for the future LED indicators.

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Looked at it when i walked past it to get some tools out of the garage.:whistling:
You installed a beer coozy? LOL :)

LED tail light mod was the last piece I installed.

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Before coming to work today, I rotate my hand controls about an inch forward, and readjusted the flipped mirrors.

Last saturday, I've moved the whole handlebar about a 1-1/2 inch forward too.

Simple mods, but they really change how the bike fells and reacts for me.
Did my LED turn signals today.......Not really legal....but oh well....Looks ALOT better in my opinion....

Tire Car Wheel Sky Automotive tire

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Fuel tank Tire Wheel Automotive fuel system Automotive tire

Just finished.....Going for a ride.
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those look great smitty! Really cleans up the ass-end of the XR.
those look great smitty! Really cleans up the ass-end of the XR.
+1 :cool:
Was going to get rid of the euro flap,check PCV maps the right one,,, wash and polish.Washed it, do rest next in day or two.
Hey Smitty,

Those little LEDs look like the kind I'm currently running. I got them off eBay for like $14 a pair, IIRC. Are those the ones you got, too?

Are they these?

About two weeks ago I changed my rear tire with a PR3. Loving it, because the bike turns much faster now...

Ordered a front PR2 that will be arriving at the end of this week.

Last night, I had I removed my Suricato (Brasilian Fueler, same kind of Patriot Top Fueler) to test my bike. It turned off 3 times in a sequence while I was riding it... very scary... the first time I was at about 4.5K rpm and "around" 98 miles/hr. The bike started slowing down and lost its power... At first I believed it was bad gasoline, but after 3 times, I decided to take the Suricato off. Just to test it... I believe it´s a bad connection thing, so I´ll run the whole week without it. Saturday I plan to check the instalation...

That was it.

Regards, Focchi.
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Looked over at it this morning when I fired up the Ural to go to work. Xr is too loud at 6:30 am
Read the first lot of offsets from the baseman on the ThunderMax and wrote them back to the module as the new base settings. Getting to the stage where it can be opened up fully. Looking forward to it.
Just passed 650km of break-in.
rode 50kilometers in heavy rain, then cleaned my leathers...
<a href="http://www.imgbox.de/show/img/6NFrn0F94z.JPG" title="Bilder hochladen"><img src="http://www.imgbox.de/users/public/thumbnails/6NFrn0F94z_t.gif" alt="Bilder hochladen" border="0"></a>
<a href="http://www.imgbox.de/show/img/7svDDKJL6Y.JPG" title="Bilder hochladen"><img src="http://www.imgbox.de/users/public/thumbnails/7svDDKJL6Y_t.gif" alt="Bilder hochladen" border="0"></a>
Was going to get rid of the euro flap,check PCV maps the right one,,, wash and polish.Washed it, do rest next in day or two.
should have done more runs like a PIG ,popping and spluttering.
Rode it to work, where the machinist is doing me some inch bars to fit my clip ons.
I'm gonna leave work early, go home, start it up and drive it to the tire shop for a new PR2 for the rear. My current is quite toast and might make the EPIC III journey, but I like to be sure.
Changed the RH Dip VRod headlamp for a LH Dip one, perhaps everyone will stop flashing me now. Tomorrow I will fire her up at 6.30 and ride to work just to see how many neighbours get pissed.


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