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Can only wonder why they changed the forks, for ones with a single disc, probably been in an accident and they were available cheap.
Don't actually think the colour scheme would be too bad if they hadn't painted the injection cover on the RH side of the engine and the ring around the oil cap (which was not fully closed ) although it is a Yamaha scheme of course.
Can I just assure you all across the pond that "us brits" don't all lack taste :rolleyes:

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My eyes are bleeding!
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Good Ideas allways welcome.XR,s are valuable bikes and there is a lack of Procect Bikes still today.

I got so many Ideas but leave my XRX as is.Im fare away from wrenching big Projects but i like the Youngsters Ideas today.

Hooligan Bike-Races showing up many good ideas.Too late for me but keep on Guys.

Looks it has a Sportster Front End,Damping looks bad.But.Man look at these Roads.........Yummy.

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If they changed the triple trees (looks like they did) it could be more raked out. I think our stock lower is offset to the rear of the bike a bit in relation to the neck of the frame.

Sometimes I look at my stock '09 and notice how much rake it already has...

I don't normally say this, but I think that bike is screaming for a 17" front wheel. While they were reworking everything it should have been done.
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