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A buddy of mine had the Storz Shifter on his XR. When he dropped it, the shifter peg got scuffed, and insurance bought him a new one.

Anyway, he wanted me to sell this for him.

HD083.55 Billet Shifter kit only .......................................... $275.00

I would use it myself, but I built something that I like, so I thought I'd list this one for $150.

Instructions are not included, but I was able to get all of the pieces this far along.


Image uploaded on site so everyone could see it (no Red X for MadDog).

Shipping in the US is free, but I'll have to charge actual costs to get it to other countries.

I got to say, a part of me really wants to hang on to this, so if there are no takers - I'm OK with it!
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