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Upgraded 320mm Front Rotors?

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Before you roll your eyes on another topic about front brakes, I have read a lot (not all) of the many topics and comments on upgrading to 320mm brake discs. With the combination I have of a Nissin Radial Master Cylinder (ZX6R rebuilt before installing), 2 into 2 Galfer SS Lines, Galfer Upgraded Pads in the stock calipers that clamp on the 290mm Galfer Wave Rotors, bolted to a 17" PVM Wheel, I was just looking to upgrade the discs, till I saw the price for the 320mm Disc Kit listed in Storz Catalog.


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My solution is to just get use to stopping this heavy-of-a-beast bike with what I have changed. This is the heaviest bike I have ever owned, and still is a "hoot" to ride and accelerate from a streetlight. Maybe upgrading just the stock calipers only?

Here is my front set-up, not new to many on here. Rear is Galfer Wave Rotor and stock pads.

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I have larger rotors on mine with caliper spacers. Are you actually dissatisfied with your brake setup and performance or is this a case of newgearitis?
More like upgrade-itis. 3500 miles since I started riding it, and the majority of that is the 7 mile freeway commute to work. I don’t think I have maxed out my current set up, just thinking and window shopping. Price shock had me re-thinking that I need to put more miles and backroad riding before I even think of changing. I do find myself adding more rear brake when stopping hard. More than with any other bike. That must be the weight of me and the XR.
Give EBC a call, they might have 320mm rotors. Also see what Speedking cycles have. I have seen a bunch of 320mm rotors on Harleys and the XR rotors are used pretty much across the HD line up, so the bolt pattern should be the same.
The race bikes never had a problem with brake disc diameter, if they had they would have allowed different parts to be used when they amended the regulations for each season.

I'm all for upgrades whether its for increased performance or just for aesthetics but that big disc kit doesn't look nice to me, its very cluttered with lots of bolts and looks like it was made in somebody's garden shed, also moving the significant weight of those calipers further away from the fork will have a detrimental effect on the steering and negate some or all of the advantage of using the 17" wheel. Maybe if the adapter was black it might blend in better but even then...........

Corey the setup you have looks much nicer, those Nissins are very efficient and why would you want to cover up more of that beautiful wheel?
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My thoughts exactly…I did upgrade to the X full floaters, and very happy with the stopping ability.
I don’t really know what 320mm rotors would do for me, but I’ve never tried them, so I don’t know.
my current setup.
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Cory, the Nissan calipers are the same as a Honda RC51.
Not a slow bike by any means.
With your master cylinder it should be fine.
Try some different pads.
I appreciate your replies with thoughts and suggestions. That is what I like about this place, telling me what you think, not what I want to hear. I believe I will be staying with what I have for a long time.

Galfer HH Sintered front pads up front.
Motul 600 Dot 4 Brake Fluid.

@CT XR rider
Those a nice rotors, and the orange trim around the belly pan looks a nice.

"Garden Shed" you crack me up. Some don't notice the wheels until I mention them.

Thank you, I know where to go in case I need them. I also checked a lot of companies that sell brake-related parts including the larger front rotors.

I am in control, it just doesn't read that way.

Again, thank you all.
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FWIW, I can lock the front wheel up no problem with OEM disks and sintered pads...................what more do I need?
Monoblock Brembo I’m sorry they are just too cool.
Member Sadwingsragn (I miss him) had this cool set up. I think I remember him saying he couldn’t get the calipers out without taking the wheel off or something like that.
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That makes sense Dwight. I’ve seen his name in replies, when using the search function.
Have you priced the Brembo Series Oro two piece rotors for XR1200 thru Genial in Italy? 3 yrs ago they were about $500 AUD the pair, say $350 USD, inc shipping. And no caliper adaptor required. Hoges & I both went that route. For street/road use such as you describe, ie. not racing, I would think they're right in the sweet spot for value/power/weight loss vs. stock. They're non wavy but pretty sexy nonetheless. Just a thought.

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This must be them, but I am sticking with what I have for now.

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An interesting reply to my Brake Tech email the other day. Might be for those interested.

Thank you for the inquiry Corey.

We discontinued our XR1200 320mm oversize kits several years ago, so that specific brake kit is gone. However, shortly we will be coming out with a new radial (Brembo) caliper conversion kit that incorporates the very good performing Brembo M4.32 monoblock OE caliper seen on many European model motorcycles plus the new Harley Pan American and LiveWire models. We're hoping to have this new high performance upgrade package available this Fall in three different configurations:
  • SuperAxe 300mm x 5mm with radial mount adapters, price TBA
  • BigBrake kit 320mm x 5mm with radial mount adapters, price TBA
  • Hooligan Race-Spec kit 330mm x 6mm with radial mount adapters, price TBA
None of these kits come with calipers which will be available separately at around $250 each.


BrakeTech USA, Inc.
18630 Collier Ave, Suite G
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
F: 951-471-3436
E: [email protected]

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Their 330x6 are great rotors. I use them on my RoadGlide with the OEM Brembos and adapters to space them out. The calipers have to be modified though, so Braketech doesnt recommend this for OEM calipers.

The 320x5s are easy on the Livewire because it comes with radial calipers. I did this.

The 320x5s should work on the XR1200 (provided they are not the narrow band race rotors), with an aftermarket adapter to space out the OEM caliper. The narrow ones, like the 330 has, need a OEM caliper mod.
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I thought Thomas said he used the BrakeTech 330s on his XR1200. That would be tight and take some finagling to make work, even with the upgraded forks and calipers.
Give EBC a call, they might have 320mm rotors. Also see what Speedking cycles have. I have seen a bunch of 320mm rotors on Harleys and the XR rotors are used pretty much across the HD line up, so the bolt pattern should be the same.
Is your xr a Transformer?
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