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This is The Sticky in the How To... section.

Our members often come up with ways to tackle problems that are unique to the XR1200 and XR1200x motorcycles.

This forum is great place to post those findings and show others how to do what you have learned, but those threads can be difficult to find and the Search tool only goes back 1 year.

So, this thread is for members to post links to some of the better write-ups.

Post old or current items.

Please give a general description of what the write-up is about (Scotty Mod is to give higher gearing, Jeff B Mod is to weld up the clutch, etc) along with the link.

Be aware that this thread is for administrators and moderators to maintain. Your post could/should be edited to ensure it is brief and to the point. Off topic posts are to be removed.


Gearing Mod

How too with pics by Racer38 http://www.xr1200ownersgroup.com/site/showthread.php?7278-***-Scotty-MOD-with-Pictures-***

P.T.F. Tuner

....Here is a page you can go to and play around with the settings before you mess with your own unit on the bike, so you will hopefully have got used to how to programme it before you set yours up. This unit is the same as the PTF in the way it works.

Jeff B clutch mod

POST 40 & 76

POST 897

Scotty's 2011 XR/XL parts manual thread references a 5.3 MB PDF file that you can save to your PC. If the host ever stops providing the file, have no fear: I copied a version to my website HERE (think of it as a mirror).

Of course, I keep a few How To links on the XR Section of my personal website.

Don't forget Phaedrus' work! His site is a wealth of info! Here are three pages to follow if you are thinking about upgrading the front forks on your XR:
  1. Andreani-Ohlins Upgrade
  2. Showa BPF Piston Installation
  3. Tools for the Showa Big Piston Forks

How To: XL Clutch Upgrade on the XR1200

Scotty's Sump oil! tip: Get that last quart of oil out when changing your oil using a cut down 3/8 Allen key.

How To ReRoute Stock Breather Tubes, by Stink:

Post 13 in Breather tubes

How To How to replace the Fuel Filter

How to remove the Throttle Body Breather tubes: Breather tubes.

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Here is the video made by K&N showing how to install the HD-1208 air filter into a XR1200 airbox

2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Harley Davidson XR1200 Air Filter Installation
K&N has designed a performance air filter for the 2008 Through 2011 Harley Davidson XR1200. This video demonstrates the steps needed to install K&N air filter HD-1208 into a 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Harley Davidson XR1200


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How To: Make Wire Wheels for your XR1200

from the What Have You Done To Your XR Today?:

Post 2493

Today I pre-assembled the new wheels and some more parts

And how to make the spacers in Post 2520:

Here are the dimensions for the spacers

1. Wheel-Axle // 9,8mm

2. Wheel-Axle // 54,2mm

3. Pulley // 12,8mm // (to bolt the Pulley with the spacer you need longer screws!)

FYI: If you are not subscribed to the What Have You Done To Your XR Today?, you can miss some good stuff!

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Saint's Tank Bag Mod

For those interested in the SW Motech tank ring/bag alternative, the Honda ring does work. Here's the deal:

I bought the correct ring for my other bike and the Honda7 ring (part number TRT.00.475.106) for the XR. You need to buy a specific SW Motech tank bag (I got the small Daypack for $78) as they do not sell the bag attachment ring separately, no matter how nice you ask...! My old bag was getting pretty ratty in any case.

You will need to hit your local hardware store for 4 stainless 10-24 x1" cap screws. Just over $2 at Home Despot.

The two top holes line up very well. Fortunately the ring is a hard plastic material so the horse shoe ends do bend. A little persuasion and it will spread to meet the other holes and bolt right down.

Because of this, the bottom ring is a tight fit and takes a little finesse to get it to work. But it does and it is great to be able to easily switch the bags between the bikes I ride.
Reference: Direct Link
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