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I've seen a couple of exhaust systems for sale in our classifieds the past few weeks, so I thought I'd thow another in the ring. I am offering a Termingoni 2 into 1 system. Comes with a spare 2009 XR1200. XR has about 75,000 miles, but as far as I can tell it runs as good (or better) than new. As some may recall, I am moving to Idaho, and I have decided that I might not move the XR. I will likely pick up another bike once I get settled. The XR is loaded with a bunch of extras. See pics below:

Here is the Termi:



Besides the OEM 2009 forks, we have a pair of X-Model Big Piston Forks worked over with Gold Valves and springs from RaceTech. I have recently removed them and put the OEM forks on because I was planning on sending them off for new seals/oil:

We have RaceTech GS-3 top-of the line rear shocks with all the bells and whistles offered by RT with orange springs, 2-inches longer than OEM:

Besides the OEM seat, we have two Saddlemen seats:


We also have a set of orange bodywork (including pillon cover), that is not included, but can be for an additional negotiated fee.

All body plastics are in terrific shape, no road rash. You would be proud to have them.
Last but not least is the #1 plate that was included with the first 600 XRs that were sold in the US.

List of included stuff included:

I think those extras above add to about $5,500. I'm asking $1,500 for the Termis + $5,500 for the rest, so $7,000 for the entire package. Thanks for looking.

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This is a great deal for somebody but man am I sad to see you sell it, it really is the end of an era. GLWS Geno, I sure hope we'll still see you around here!

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Great bike for someone to snag!
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Damn!! I never thought this day would day come. :(
Sorry to see you go, you have been a great help to so many here.
Someone is going to get a great deal on a well sorted bike.
And that Termi, I love mine, I almost thought of buying it in case something happens to mine.
But that would be just greedy.
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