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But I have never heard a sound clip of an exhaust recorded with a cell or handycam and played trough a PC that resembles the sound in real life so there isn't much value there imo.

The exhausts you'll find in this asylum are:

- V&H 2-1-2 either race stainless or steel
- Torque Hammer I & II (2-1)
- D&D Bob Cat 2-1
- Supertrapp 2-2
- Bassani 2-1
- Remus 2-1
- Termignoni 2-1-2 & 2-1 (not easy available in the US)
- Harris Performance 2-1-2 (rare Termi copy)
- Anvil 2-1 (no production pipe, only 10 were made)
- FMF Ti 2-1 (rare)
- Storz Bubs

- Various slip-ons on stock headers and/or home made combos.

I'll probably forget one or two but others will chime in. Your next obvious question might be which one is best and this will trigger a healthy downpour of personal views. :)

I do think there is consensus about the Remus not being among the best pipes out there for the XR. Besides looks, sound (& sound level as some are much louder than others), performance and price, other considerations could be weight, ground clearance and if you want to keep the passenger pegs as not all systems allow this.

Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts