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*** I am reposting this so it might be found a bit easier ***

Well I am going to write up my findings on the Scotty MOD with a few Photo's. Scotty gets all the credit for the Research on this one. This will definitely lower RPM's on the highway. at 80mph it should put you right at 4000rpm.

Here are the part numbers..

30029-08 Rotor with Sprocket
40147-04 Primary Chain
4589 Bolt / One Time use
I didn't get the number for the primary cover gasket, and you can probably re use the one on there but I replaced mine.

Ok lets get started.

1. Drain out the gear case oil, I left mine on the side stand while it drained and it gets most of it out.

2. Loosen up the Primary Chain tensioner

3. Remove shifter linkage and remove the derby cover

4. Loosen up the clutch cable adjuster

5. Next I removed the clutch actuation mechanism, you take off the small spring and the locking device under the spring then screw the adjusting rod until you can remove the nut you eill need to pull the mechanism out and rotate it so the cable can be disconnected. Its kind of hard to explain but easy to figure out. Mine came out in one piece and I didnt even remove the ball bearings.

5. Remove the primary cover, no need to take the cable off just lay it on a towel and push it to the front out of the way.

6. I next removed the Bolt holding the rotor on the engine side, I used a long 1/2 drive breaker bar and to wedge the sprockets together I used a 11/32 box end wrench.
Here is the Photo

Land vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive exterior

This worked perfectly.

7. Next using a set of snap ring pliers I removed the snap ring that holds the clutch adjustment screw mechanism in the center of the basket area.

8. Remove the nut holding the clutch assembly on the shaft, this is a left handed thread so clock wise removes it.

9. Now you can remove both ends and the chain at the same time, its a little tough due to the magnetic forces on the rotor side but with a little wiggling it will all come off.

Automotive tire Wheel Bicycle part Automotive design Rim

Bicycle part Auto part Circle Jewellery Font

10. Now just reverse the disassembly using the new parts.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Reflex camera Flash photography

Textile Wood Road surface Grey Asphalt

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Bolt sequence for the primary cover

Camera accessory Bicycle part Font Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Adjust the primary chain cold to 3/8 to 1/2 inch of play.

Torque Values:
Primary Cover Bolts 80-120 in lb
Drain Plug 14-30 ft lb
Transmission Main Shaft Nut 70-80 ft lb ( Left handed Thread )
Engine Sprocket Bolt 155-165 ft lb
Primary Chain Adj. Lock nut 20-25 ft lb

The tranny holds right at 1 QT of Oil and I used the Harley stuff as the shop is less than a mile away and I had forgotten to get oil.

This is a pretty easy mod if your handy with a wrench, and have the right size torque wrenches.

Kudo's to Scotty for coming up with this, I cant wait to get out on the highway and let it rip !

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How much does this effect the torque ? More teeth less torque right? I started reading the original thread but haven't gotten through it yet. I'm ready to go to HD and order the parts since this is a substantial mod that isn't retarded expensive.

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Tomorrow my first ride with the high gearing.......... Exciting :scooter: !!

You will be amazed at the difference.

I remember being a little bummed out by at first 'cause I lost a little 1st gear snap.....as a matter of fact I was gonna take it right back off.... But, after a few rides I realized I was no longer trying to shift into a non-existent 6th gear all the time....80 mph on the Interstate was suddenly pretty comfortable crusing speed...,and, in a week or two I was right back to popping wheelies at traffic lights. :)....I would not go back to stock gearing....I just can't :)

My point is it may take a few rides to appreciate it fully. Be patient grasshopper :yinyang:

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It Sounds Great!! But how much would all of this cost?
And would Gas Mileage be better or worse on the highway???
You can pick up the parts over there in the US for about $200 or slightly less. If anything you will gain a couple of mpg as your cruising rpm drops by about 450rpm, you certainly wont loose any mpg.

There is a guy here with a Buell sprocket and chain that wants to swap for the stock XR set up, the 2008 onwarb XB1200 Buells have what you need as the stock set up. http://www.xr1200ownersgroup.com/site/showthread.php?11411-WTT-my-XB12-primary-for-your-XR-primary

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Those of you who have actually done this gearing change, let's hear your comments both pro and con.

Of course if the Motor Company had updated the transmission to a 6 speed (like a modern motorcycle) we wouldn't be having this discussion, but we Sportster owners have to deal with reality.

I suppose we should be happy HD (finally) rubber mounted the Sportster engine almost 10 years ago. Only the guys that owned the solid engine mount bikes can appreciate the difference, but where's the LONG OVERDUE 6 speed trans?

Before you criticize what I'm saying, there will be no progress in Harley-Davidson motorcycles if the owners do not speak up.

Best wishes,

Ninja 1000

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Hello everybody,

I'm new in the forum, so let me first introduce myself: I'm Antonio and I live in Chile (Santiago).
After months of headaches with a pale imitation of Harley (Honda Shadow VT 1100 1994), I now have the means to go for my dream, that is to say the Milwaukee twin.

HD dealer here in Santiago has a good opportunity: a XR 1200x 2010 with only 8000 km for US $11500 (I know bikes are expensive here!)

I went to try the bike today and I just fell in love with the beast: the perfect compromise between roadster and custom! Great vibes, great sensations, good suspensions and breaks... All the things that you already now.

The bike is already in stage 1 (V&H 2-1-2; K&N filter; ECM flashed with SuperTuner).

My only reproach to this bike is the very high rpm when cruising. During all my ride on the highway, I thought I was on the 4th gear... But no, it was the 5th!!

I discovered this forum by looking for a solution to this high rpm and went through the Scotty Mod thread : seems like the prefect solution to me. Cheap, simple and effective!
This is quite important to me as I intend to travel a lot with the bike. Distances are huge in Chile and lower rpm would allow me to cruise smoothly.

As I'm in the process of negotiating with the dealer, I'm thinking about asking him to make the mod with the sale.

My concern is: I will need to re-flash the ECM after the Scotty mod or not and if the mod could have any influence on the injection?

Also, I would like to have a feedback about long distance travel with the XR1200x. I am planning to get the saddle and tank bags (and a 5 liters gas can!!) and go for some road trips in Chile and Argentina, basically using the bike as a GT.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with me.



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Antonio Welcome to the Forum:) you just do the mod ,its nothing to do with the engine it just brings down the gearing so your engine RPM is lower in each gear at any given speed from the stock set up .It doesnt mess with your speedo reading either.
You picked the right Harley and I hope you have loads of fun on it(Its the only one I would have,if there wasnt an XR I think I would be riding a Monster,Griso or MT-01)

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