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Passenger peg mounts?

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Hey everyone first post here. Just got my XR back in May and I'm absolutely loving it. I got a bit of a dilemma. My XR came with the pillion cover, no pillion seat and no passenger peg mounts/brackets. I've gone to my local HD dealer after seeing a listing or two on ebay for used mounts and an aftermarket seat. Seemed steep for used parts and a seat that wasn't my taste. Friendly guy at the dealer starts looking through parts catalogs and makes a few calls. He tells me he can get the parts and I'm like "EXCELLENT". Says they're on the way and I'll get a call when their ready for pickup. Great, so a couple weeks pass by and no call. I swing by the dealership yesterday and I guess the seat and the left mount are available but the right peg is not available anywhere in the country (USA). Well f*#% me. I know I took the long way with this story. Real question -- are there any aftermarket alternatives or compatible mounts? I'm having no luck online and to get one overpriced brand new left side peg and have to pray that another used overpriced right side one pops up on ebay sounds like a long wait. There are probably 2-3 left side pegs on ebay. Apparently the right side passenger peg is very elusive. I really need a quick alternative so I can safely plop a honey on that pillion ASAP. <img src="http://www.xr1200ownersgroup.com/site/images/smilies/cool.png" border="0" alt="" title="Cool" class="inlineimg" />
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The right one is the muffler mount also. Maybe that's why they are hard to get. I, like probably a lot of people, removed the left mount and both passenger pegs and installed the pillion cover after removing the pillion seat. It may be pretty hard to find that mount.
Ah I see. This XR came with a 2 into 1 D&D pipe. It has a totally different bracket that mounts behind the shocks.

You may be batting on a sticky wicket there. That's an Anglophile term for being in a difficult situation. The actual rear pegs are easy to replace with substitutes from eBay. I bought a pair of nicely turned alloy pegs myself recently, which were about $40 AUD shipped to Australia. The rear R peg mount looks like it may be an elusive beast to track down, although occaisionally XR parts turn up in the classifieds here. But if you want to keep the D& D pipe as well as pack your gf on the back, about all I can suggest is going to a local machine shop or welder and having them create a peg mount for you. That might turn out ugly though functional, or it might be not too bad, depends on the fabricator so choose him wisely and/or say a few Hail Mary's while you wait.

Btw, not sure how long your friend will agree to ride with you on tbe stock passenger pad, it's an instrument of torture. If you & her are keen, at least get it re upholstered. Won't improve its looks much but might help preserve your relationship.

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If you bought the bike privately, give the guy a call. He might have the parts sitting in a box in the garage.
If you got it from a dealer, they might have a contact number for the previous owner.
Worth a shot.
You need the shock riser kit to use them. They use the old shock mount hole.
Good idea though, raise the back for quicker steering.
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