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Hello to all from Flagstaff, Arizona. - I've been riding a couple of years now - attached a photo of my only bike, 08 Kawasaki KLR - and have been thinking about what the next bike in the lineup should be.

Then I saw the XR1200 & was a goner. For me, it represents the perfect combination of performance and classic styling. I'd never considered a Harley before.

So until I get one (started a secret piggybank don't tell MRS.PACMAN) I'll mostly hang around and ask questions, (like why did you get rid of the bar-end mirrors Rhino? I thought they looked outstanding!) -I should be able to afford one in Summer or Fall of 2010.

Adrenalin Moto is going to make a killing off me.

So anyway, congratulations to all on your wise purchases, thanks in advance for the advice, and thanks for creating such a great community.

By the way - I've heard at leat one forum member mention his KLR. Check out www.klrworld.com/forums it's a great site.

All Best, Dave


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Pacman! Giving up the football career?

For anyone who's not been around Flagstaff, it's beautiful there.

You are certainly welcome here! Ask all the questions you want. By the time you pick up your XR we'll have all the kinks worked out for you......:eek:
Thanks for the welcome magoo. Yep, Flagstaff is beautiful. So is Mobile, Alabama. We saw Emmylou Harris at the Saenger Theatre there in 2007. Beautiful theatre, amazing music. Love the way the air turns green before a storm down on the gulf. -My wife and I are originally from Georgia.
Anyway, yes - it's nice I can sit back and watch you guys do all the heavy lifting! :D
Hey Pacman, welcome to the forum, hopefully you will know pretty much everything you need to about the XR before you get it. :)
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