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Newbie from Florida

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Welcome all. Test drove a xr today and I cannot believe how awesome it is. This is the first harley (my wife has a 06 1200 sporty low) and I hate it. I have demo'd all of their touring bikes and most of the others and cannot find a bike that I like. I got off the xr with the biggest smile on my face. What a great machine. Now I have the usual questions, what can one expect to pay for one now in the times of recession buying and what if any problems has anyone had with them.
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Hello and welcome rockmurf. You sound like an attorney, right to the money and trouble. ;)

I traded a bike in and got about $1200 "extra" for the trade after paying "list" for the XR1200.

You can go through the site and find suprisingly few problems as this bike has been rather Lexus like in initial satisfaction and quality. My fuel light warning light came on after a full tank and I hate the design of the gas cap but I am certainly in the minority with those issues.

Good luck from your southern neighbor.
Welcome Rockmurf, The only problems I'm having with my XR is there are only about 3 nice curves here in Bradenton. I used to go out to the end of Fruitville Rd, to a place called the SRGP, they have closed it now. :censored:
But hey, we still have Magellan Dr. :D

The wife and I are planning vacation in western North Carolina this year, takin the XR and the Bonneville... can't wait.

I think I got my black one for about 11,5 at Manatee River, might of been a little more, I did the finance thing so it's still a little cloudy. I don't really care, I'm having a great time with it (money well spent).

Hope this helps..
Welcome to the forum.
I am one of the few who actually had problems with the XR :oops:, mine was/is a loss of power problem and HD is going to replace the engine for a new one. I have been driving a replacement XR from dealer until mine is fixed and i haven't had any problems with that one. I am sure that my problem is unique because i haven't read the same :001_9898: anywhere and believe me, i looked.

I would say, buy one and let the fun begin:clap:

Greetz Stef from Holland
Welcome aboard rockmurf. I have just 1,000 miles on my XR and it has been trouble free. I've owned 6 other Harleys and the XR is the only bike in the current lineup that I would own. I also own a BMW and will never again own a bike I can't stuff into a corner. One test ride on the XR and I was sold. Would like another gallon fo gas, but I've said that about every bike I've ever owned. Have a windshield, saddle bags and a tail bag and I think it's going to make an excellent sport tourer. I paid MSRP and it's worth every penny. My dealer is a good one and treats me with dignity & respect. Buy it - I think you already have.
Hi, welcome from north west Florida, Ft Walton Beach. I have had my XR since early Jan, and the only problem is not enough time to ride as much as I like. I have done some minor mods, lowered the handlebars, with a set of NightRod special bars, and used a top clamp as a riser, so I could slide the fork tubes up an inch in the triple trees, quickened the steering, helped lighten the rear end, still haven't changed them. I put a set of Xied's on to richen the low and mid range fueling, no effect at wide open throttle, but it helps at initial take off, and eliminated the 3,000 rpm stumble (you'll see). I added a set of D and D slip ons, and painted the fender, side covers, fender bracket, and belt guard gloss black I also painted the outer cases wrinkle black, and polished the SPORTSTER lettering.

There is so much you can do to this bike, I ride the hell out of it, my (future ex) wife doesn't like it too much, but I'm not really crazy about her either, so we're even.:clap:
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