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Morning chaps

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I'm in Maidstone,Kent, England. Bought the XR a month ago, my 20th HD in 30 years. I'm a larger gentleman, but they finally built a Sportster I can ride. I've had 3 in the past and a Buell Thunderbolt. Unfortuneately they used to cripple me after about 200 miles! This has such a good riding position, though, so it's not an issue.
I also run a machineshop and a Superflow 250 dyno. I've built over 600 Harley motors and I use the Direct Link software with the dyno to remap the EFI. Needless to say, I will be going inside my engine when I can make the time. I've got the Supertrapp system on order to try. I don't like the look of it that much, but I use Supertrapps on everything else and I've never had a bad result with them, either with power, or more importantly, driveability.
While we can find flaws in anything, I've got to say that in many respects this is one of the best bikes Harley have built. Excellent raw material.
I'll post the results soon as I have some. Have fun.
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welcome boz!!!

I'm so disappointed....I saw we had a new member named boz....I was hoping it was boz scaggs, the American rocker....The Dirty Lowdown...

Oh well, not to say I'm not happy to see you here boz [:)]!

Welcome to the group! Dog, you run a machine shop and have a dyno? If I lived in England you could easily become my new best friend!

Looking forward to your comments.
Horrible job

Yeah, boring cylinders, balancing cranks, setting up EFI on the dyno. Getting paid for doing what you love.....It's a horrible job, but someone has to do it...:D
Would that be the same Boz that I've dealt with on several occasions over the years (Headquarters heads and stuff) as in Boz Engineering??? :D

I furking hope so, it'll be good to have an engine tuner around here....:cool:

Either way, good you have you around Boz ;)
It's me

That'll be me. Long story/short version.. bought my kids up on my own so I shut down the last business. Started up again from scratch 2 years ago. I've taken the opportunity to design and make better machining and assembly fixtures and I've bought bigger and better equipment, so everything seems easier to do this time round. Also got a lot more space, even though the dyno room is 350 sq ft. I'm doing much of what I used to, but with the addition of tyre equipment and the dyno. I'm not doing valve and guide work again... yet. That machine is £20K away.
I'll post my views on the XR engine and EFI when I've got time. I will be going inside it, even if its just to resize the cylinders, remachine the heads with a 15 degree quench area and stick Thunderstorm type pistons in it. (The XR/XB12 pistons can definately be improved on) There's a lot of "free horsepower" in there which won't affect reliability. I don't see this as a commercial opportunity, XR sales won't be high enough, but I have one and I'm an incurable petrol head so I have no choice. Be interesting to see what NRHS come up with.
Thanks for remembering me.
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No worries Boz, how could i forget ya. :D

Its great to hear your back up and at it again, as you know their aint many folks over here (UK) that know what they're doing with the performance side of HD's, it was a bit of a blow to say the least when you packed up the business, glad to hear your back and have still got the hunger :D.

Its a bit ferking creepy really, i was just talking about you the other day, in as far as there being no one around really thats into serious performance work on Harley's over here.

I'm glad you see scope with this thing to get some decent power out of this motor, other folks around here dont seem to see it.....Sept my good self!!
It keeps being said that its gonna make it unreliable, not true, been there done that and still got the softail to prove it..........

By the way, I'm still runnin those stonking heads and cams i got from you back in 2000, thats what i call reliable, no issues whatsoever and still scares the ferk outta the jap stuff

I think me and thee have similar expectations from this bike. :D

LOL, look what i found.......My softail has pretty much the same work you did with this and i got 110 hp and 115 ft/lb, thats why i kept this chart, but you stopped trading before i could let you know :rolleyes:

I seem to remember slipping the dyno guy £10 to up it just so i could kick your arse :)
Who am i kidding, it was you that supplied me with most of the parts :eek:

Removed your real name and number from this as a assume you aint got that number no more ;)

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Twin Cam power

Good stuff, glad you got more than I did. At the time I did my own one there were no adjustable ignition modules out there, just HD's race module, so I had to dial in the 44mm CV carb around the fixed timing. With the better ignitions that became available later, and the Supermeg, which wasn't available at the time, (this had AR pipes on it) the numbers you got became the norm.
Funnily enough, that bike's up your way now, and it's never had any motor problems.
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