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Loose shift lever

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Hello guys,
I have recently replaced the shift lever (I was using an ugly welded version) and noticed that there is quite a gap so the shifter can travel back and forth on the foot peg. It is annoying and making quite a sound on idle.
What do you think? Am I missing a washer in there ? (I can't see it on any schematics). The bushing is there, the lever is only traveling left to right, not up - down.
Thank you,
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What? You don’t like Harley’s tolerances? Haha. The brake uses the same plastic bushing and does the same thing.
I used an oil impregnated bronze washer as a spacer. I don’t remember the hole size. You could probably use a plastic washer. It was a hair too thick so I glued it to a socket so I could spin it and sand it down evenly. Without getting the glue hot! Otherwise washer goes bye bye. Maybe in your eye.
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Ok, I'm sure I'll find something to fit in one of my "treasure chests" in garage. 😋
Thank you ytman!
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