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It's Time. First Ride and First Trip to the Dyno Today. Adding Second and Third Dyno Information.

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Yes, my first ride on the XR will happen today, since I purchased it back in late March. I have a Dyno scheduled to repace the old FuelPak and tune it for "rideability" with the new Power Vision. RC Cycles in Hayward is the place.
Home RC Cycles Hayward, CA (510) 471-9755
Engine-related additions, are a drop-in K&N, new SE Plugs and Wires, and Bassani Roadrage 2-1 Exhaust. Everything else is stock. I'll report back with the print-out, and after ride report, once I stop smiling!!!

So, why have I waited so long to ride? Back when I saw my first pictures and racing of the AMA XR Series, I wanted one. I initially wanted a Buell XB12, but due to the parts issues, I swayed to the XR. Had been looking for an XR for a long time, and just missed out on buying a street-converted ex-race bike. Found another low-mileage 09 Vivid Black, and it already had a few mods on it. It was well within my price range, and talked to my wife about it. I have had an old truck that I've been talking about selling for years. I threw in the following, "If I buy this XR, I will not ride it till I sell the truck." This was my words, not hers telling me to sell the truck. I like my marriage, and want to keep it that way, so we agreed. So many calls, very few lookers.

But wait? You are thinking I sold the truck, and now I can ride the XR? Nope! I have a "Hall Pass" for this week to ride it before going to the Bagger Races at Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point) with @amarzano and @ranbush this coming Sunday, and I'm getting use to it before the 160 mile round trip. I have never ridden this until today. Not even sneeking a ride down the street. Started it many times, letting it warm up, made vroom-vroom sounds, changed quite a few things, have a few more to change later on, but kept my promise, and have not ridden it, nor have let anyone else ride it.

Full report with pictures, later today, and yes, I'll be careful!
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why am I here if they are not sure if their system is working correctly.
Damn Corey, I am SO SORRY to hear about BRG screwing this up.
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Just an idea Corey, but have you thought about putting an AutoTune on it? I'm very pleased with mine.
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I have thought about it, but the Power Vision works just fine for tuning. After the Memorial Weekend West Coast Ride, it is going under the knife to have the crank issue fixed. Heads out for refreshening, and no big bore, same camsand no high compression pistons either. After that, I will be headed to Ram in San Jose for retuning. Hope it's the last time I need a tune.

Ram Cycles - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, bikes, parts, service, repair, and maintenance.

Will have to read up on it, but I should be able to view the current and any saved tunes to my PC. The 3-D Graph.
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The stator bolt (H-D #4589) that has been obsolete from H-D, and was not available at the time from Vintage Parts (See Post #99). It seems to be available from Vintage Parts now.

Rectangle Font Handwriting Circle Number

4589 (vpartsinc.com)

Font Audio equipment Tool Fashion accessory Auto part
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