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Hello Joe :)

I hate to tell you this but you can replace the shaft without removing the clutch or front sprocket, you just need to fiddle around with the little selector prongs on the shaft a little.
I know this is an old thread but I just found it and had to chime in. Scotty is absolutely right. I've replaced two shafts without removing the clutch. The bent one came out with just my fingers. Installing the new one you spread the fingers as far as possible. I hooked the bottom one on the shift drum first and then snaked a pick behind the clutch to get the top one on. It really wasn't that hard.

It took me a while, and beat the crap out of my fingers before I finally laid a split inner tube over the case to keep it from getting dinged up (instead of using my fingers as bumpers which, uh, hurt!). But yeah, I had to work it and it might have involved a little swearing!
When I had one bent pretty bad I used a small abrasive cutoff wheel and cut it off just behind the bend. Then I did a thorough job of sanding off the burr so I wouldn't damage the seal when I pulled the case off. Took a total of about 7-8 minutes.

Bear... :scooter:

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I bent my shifter shaft when I had a drop in the parking lot a few months back. I never really noticed it until I started noticing shifts not happening when I tried going through the gears.

Found the parts I needed with Ronnie's microfiche, then ordered them up.

Turns out, this cap screw got pretty messed up, too. The side walls have collapsed into the area where the Allen wrench goes, so I can't get it off. My Vice Grips just slip when I try to twist this off using that. It will get replaced later.

Sure enough, the shifter shaft is bent.

Used an end wrench to hold the gears in place while busting that Sprocket Nut loose.

I take the Engine Sprocket/Clutch/Chain assembly off so I can get to the shifter shaft.

I pulled the old shifter shaft out and now I am ready to replace it with the new shifter shaft.

Notice this mark on the drum:

Seemed to me like the 2009 Service Manual made it a point to show that the Shifter Drum is supposed to be at 12 o'clock, so I checked:

Yeap. Figure 5-54 on Page 5-38 clearly states, "Scribed Line on Shifter Drum at 12 o'clock".

Mine is not at 12 o'clock. Mine is closer to 3 o'clock, and the Service Manual makes no further mention of this scribed line.

So, I had to go visit
Kevin at The Harley Shop. He told me the Service Manual is trying to indicate that I need to pay attention to where the scribed line is, so that I could reassemble the parts in the correct location. Whether 12 o'clock (like shown in the Service Manual) or 3 o'clock (like the drum on my transmission) does not matter as long as it is reassembled the same way.

Cool. Good to know. Nothing inside is damaged.

I go home and gett the new shift assembly slipped into place and return the rotor and clutch pack. In the middle of the clutch pack, you can just make out a few drops of Red Loctite that leaked from around the threads.

Using my old analog torque wrench, I tightened the Mainshaft nut the rotor to 80 ft/lbs and the new Engine Sprocket nut to roughly 160 ft/lbs (do NOT reuse the old Engine Sprocket nut, as this bolt stretches and is only good for one use).

Before getting the outer Primary Cover put back on, I had to make another trip to my local Harley shop. I'd purchased a new bushing for the Shifter Shaft to go through, and it turns out that this busing has to be pressed in and some special tool must be required to get the old one out. I again visited with Kevin who was able to have the old bushing removed and my newly purchased bushing popped in place at no charge. (Thanks again, Kevin! I hope this gets you good recognition and not into trouble).

When I got back home, the Primary Cover went back on, and tightened the cap screws to 120 in/lbs (12 ft/lbs).

All done.

The cap screws for the Derby Cover have not been tightened down in this picture because the new engine paint is only about an hour old.

If you have any comments, please feel free to contact me using my contact form
Is the shifter shaft supposed to be on the outside of the shifter drum or on the inside of the drum? I’d imagine inside so it can grab the drum but in your pic it looks like it’s in front of the drum?

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Is the shifter shaft supposed to be on the outside of the shifter drum or on the inside of the drum? I’d imagine inside so it can grab the drum but in your pic it looks like it’s in front of the drum?
My pictures were how I found it installed. I guess that means on the outside.
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