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2009 H-D XR1200
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Dear XR friends,
I am Jacques from Switzerland and I have a black 2009 XR1200 in my fleet. I have been following your forum for a long time and find it great.

I mainly ride twisty, hilly roads, .... in the area I come from there is nothing else :)

I have made the following modifications to my bike in the past.

For looks:
  • Replacing the grips and footpegs with the Diamond Black series from H-D.
  • Tinted turn signal lenses
  • Mirrors mounted downwards

For sound:
  • SprintFilter instead of OEM and disassembled the flap in the airbox.
  • Slip-on exhaust Speed Pro Eagle Hyperblast stainless steel with insert for legal driving.

For power, smoothness, torque:
- ECU modified with Dynojet Power Vision.
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Picture shows bike with OEM Filter and Exhaust
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive lighting

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Welcome from California. Nice bike and in the faster black as well. You already know this place has a wealth of information and the search function is a library of everything too. Enjoy your stay.
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