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Hi there

Picked up my orange XR a couple of weeks ago, and am still looking at it - scratching my head, trying to figure out why I bought it and what it's actually for:confused:

I say that, because it shares a garage with a mint 1992 Fireblade and replaces a GSX1135 Yoshi Katana special. So not the type of bike I'd normally consider.

However, something in what's left of my brain, popped or sprung out when I saw the XR - so here it is.

So far I've done about 300 miles and have purchased the following bits for it: Remus system (satin black pipe), X-IED's, Evotech tail tidy, Evotech oil cooler guard, Lucas handlebars and Adrenalinmoto 2" riser blocks.

Barring the Remus and X-IED's, the rest has yet to be fitted - as I don't have any bloody A/F hex keys! I'm also waiting for Adrenalinmoto to start supplying the pillion footpeg bracket for the risers, so I can order up a set of Bitubo shocks next month.

The plan over the next year or so is to get it in summat resembling "race spec" and take it hillclimbing. It'll get it's arse kicked by the supermotards, but it'll be a laugh.

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Hiya mate, good to see ya.
Its Midas from the other site, i get to use my real name over here. :cool:
This place is great for the XR as their aint no tossers slagging it off :D

Enjoy :cool:

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You need to post a picture of the Gsx1135 Katana !!!! I own two GS750S Katana's and now I own a Xr1200. I agree something snapped in my brain when I first saw an XR and when they went on sale I ran to the near's dealer kicking and screaming for one !! The 1100 Katana's did the same thing to me when they first came out, the only problem was I was to young to buy one!!
Enjoy the XR and please post a picture of the Kat ?

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Welcome from the home of Forrest Gump!

Glad to see you on the site, you sound like you're gonna fit right in!

I'm with firefighter, post a pic of your Katana! That thing's a monster!
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