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Hello from Alabama

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Just saying hi. I don't actually have an XR yet....just have one on order that is supposed to arrive in early March. Looking forward to learning and contributing.
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Another Alabama Boy! FatBilly is in trouble now...... This is great!

Longbow its good to have you here. Feel free to jump in on any topic, don't wait to get your XR.

March delivery, huh? weather will be getting nice!

Hey Longbow,
Welcome to the forum... Jump right in...
Seems to be a bit of a run on these things in Alabamy.
Good to see ya Longbow ;)
Welcome, where in Al are you, I am in Ft Walton Beach, in the panhandle of FLA (Flippin' Lower Alabama)
Thanks for the warm welcomes. I'm in the southeast corner of Alabama, Dothan. So a little less than 2 hours from the Fort Walton area. I grew up in California...the Army brought me down here to lower Alabama.

In all honesty I could've picked up an orange XR in the middle of December. But, I wanted black...so, have to be a bit patient. I keep calling the dealer to get update on delivery date, being a bit paranoid that they'll end the production run of the XR's early. lol
bermuda triangle

Longbow, you, I, and floridacars form our own little triange down here.....the triangle gets a little bigger if we tap Vecchio (n'awlens guy)! I'm sure we'll hook up for a ride when the weather gets nice....
Sounds good. I'm tentatively planning trips for the Barber race, and maybe Indy for Motogp...closer to home I was thinking of the Thunder Beach rally down in PCB, or Daytona....assuming I get the bike soon enough!
I'm planning on Barber, and Indy GP (Last year was great). I am debating Daytona, but if you guys are going I might lean on it. I stay at Dixie RV campground with the BMW guys at hwy 22 and I-95.

Hey Longbow, I'm scheduled for a school at Rucker, I assume thats you.
What school are you attending? I'm an IP at the 64D course here.

Definitely hoping I can make it back to Indy again this year. Though it would be nice if next time there's no hurricane. :)

Just got a delivery date of March 17th for my XR! Too late for Daytona unfortunately. Still might cage it down there for the race.
I'm a 26 year career counterintelligence agent, making the switch from E-7 to W01
We had a few counter-intelligence in my WOC class. Hang in there getting through WOCS. I'm sure with your time in the Army you've been through worse. If I can help at all let me know.
Hey we all could find the floraBama as a meeting spot and check out the counter=intelligence...................:D
counter intelligence

The longer I sit at the counter, the less intelligent I become.
All those jokes obout military intelligence being an oxymoron, they are true. We also learned it is very hard to find a Vietnamese man named "Charlie", they all seem to be named Nugynne, and Cao.
I'm a 26 year career counterintelligence agent,
Aint that supposed to be a secret! :D
Not now, I ride a desk, I have'nt done field work since the early 90s. Now I'm keeping the world free, one TPS report at a time, did'nt you get the memo?
where's my stapler?

uhhh, I'm gonna need that TPS report on my desk this afternoon.........:)
Yeah....that'd be greeaat.
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