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Rob at Speed Demon Cycles is one of the original members of this site and is an XR1200 nut, which is good for us! He's currently campaigning his XR1200 in the 2009 LRRS Series. You'll find pictures of it somewhere on this site...it's far out!

Speed Demon Cycles is your full service motorcycle center for all makes and models, all types of riding: cruising, sport bike, Harley-Davidson, motocross, race set-up, and customization.

SPEED DEMON CYCLES is an authorized dealer for Drag Specialties, Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky and Biker’s Choice.

Rob has gone above and beyond to help members of this site get what they need! Whether you're looking for tires, shocks, or that magic performance upgrade, it's worth checking Rob out at:


or email:
[email protected]speeddemoncycles.net

Or, just go ahead and call him at (860) 242-6905...he's probably not doing nothing...:eek:
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