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G'day from Thailand, the land of 1000 smiles. Make that 1001 since bought my XR back in Dec '08.

I am Australian, but have lived over this way nearly all my life, started riding back in 2001 and never looked back since. The only sad thing about it these days, is i am stuck in the jungles of Laos and the bike is back in Thailand. Another couple of weeks and i will be back on her.

The hanging question so i have seen, seems to be what colour everyones bikes are. Well.... mine is silver (pewter as HD refers to it) and proud of it. Mind you the oranges and the blacks do look good, but when i saw the silver i was sold.

Currently talking to Matt about a few things to give the big girl a bit of boost and and make over but all will be revealed soon enough.

Take care and keep the comments coming... rather amusing at times.

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welcome Brownie!

Brownie! Good to have you here! It seems like you are our second member living in Thailand but I'll have to check...and we have a bunch of Aussie's and New Zealander's...they all seem a bit thuggish [:)]. but we let them stay because they are so damn knowledgable!

Congrats on the bike, sorry about the color...but stick with Matt, he can help you replace all that silver with Carbon Fiber...the next fastest thing to ORANGE!

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Mr. Magoo, i will let you in on a little secret i am actual Part Aussie and Part Kiwi (never been to NZ though). Appreciate the welcome.
About being knowledgable and all that, i would have to rate at the lower end of th scale which is why i am learning fair bit off of all the comments on site. I am affraid i wont be able to put my two bobs worth into any of the technical discussion that goes on, but i will be roaming and might be able to slip in a few smart ass comments every now and then.

looking forward to it.....
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