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Fork Cartridge Kits and Forks

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Hello All,

As I progress to turn my '09 into a streetable version of the AMA Series racebike, I have a few remaining components to change over, and one on my mind has been the Forks. Rear is all set thanks to Jeremy Connors, and is sale of the Ohlins +2". To match the rears I wanted to go with Ohlins Cartridges, and with many e-mail conversations to Mike at Ohlins USA, they were set to make me a set of fully adjustables for my forks. Finaly this morning aI received an email:

"Sorry I was working on trying to find solution but it appears the parts we needed from Sweden are truly no longer available. While we have the kit that is only part of the equation and now we don’t have the ability to make the “missing” parts."

After I finished throwing a temper-tantrum, and drying the tears from my eyes, I replied with what they would recommend for options to match the Ohlins Rears. I am awaiting Mike's reply.

I went the cheap route when my forks were noticeable leaking after I brought it home from the seller, so I had the Race Tech Gold Valves installed with the rebuild. Never rode the bike with stock fork internals, and wasn't too keen on jumping in with the big $$ for the full cartridges from Race Tech. Now I kind of regret it.

So my search for fully adjustable cartridges begins again. Options I have found searching this morning are:

X-Model H-D Forks
Performance Suspension Kit | Harley-Davidson USA

Race Tech
RT - Digital Product Search (racetech.com)

AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Kit (AK20HD-XR1200-1) - Traxxion Dynamics

K-Tech X
(X Model Only)
Front Fork Cartridges 25IDS Harley Davidson XR1200X 2011> Showa K-Tech (ktechsuspension.com)

Andriani Misano
Andreani Misano Cartridge Kit H.D. XR 1200 2008- (teknikmotorsport.com)

(no plans to go this route)
Legend AXEO39TS Front End Suspension (Requires Separate Purchase of +2 Fork Tubes) – Legend Suspensions

GP Suspensions

Knowing the 09-10 XR1200 and the 10-12 XR1200X Forks are not the same, some of the companies listed above only have full carthridges for the X Models. I would have to purchas a set of X Forks then send them out... I have read where some companies require me to send in my forks to have the kits installed as well. I do not mind doing that either.

I really wanted to go with Ohlins, as will await Mike's reply on what he would recommend. In the eantime, let me know what you think about what cartridges you have pros and cons would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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A little over a month since last update, so here it is.

Hello Corey,
We special ordered the other parts from Sweden directly through NA Ohlins. Barry is confident your forks should be done by the end of this month.

Still running on the Gold-Valved 09’s and all is good. Christmas will come early, but not soon enough.
Time keeps on tickin'

The suspense is killing us all!
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At least I have a set to keep riding in the meantime.
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I wish I had better news, but received this yesterday from KFG.

Hello Corey,

I just did a check on Ohlins for your cartridge kit, It has a planned ship date from North Carolina Ohlins USA on 7-4... I have no explanation for why it keeps getting pushed, i know that Ohlins has been suffering supply delays on their side of the ocean and I just found out that a couple shipping containers are stuck in customs on this side. I just wanted to shoot you the info that I have on this end.

If you have any questions or need more detail, please feel free to call me.



I am in the industry, so I completely understand supply chain, and back order issues. These cartridges are really what I want and still worth the wait. No total price given, just a deposit. Because others here have asked what it costs, I will post KFG Pricing for both X and Non-X Forks when I get this information. No gold anodizing is being done.
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You bet I am Shack!
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