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I just picked her up !!! I have been waiting for three months !!! It is time to ride !!!! :D


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Firefighter! Congrats dude....see, patience really is a virtue. Oh, wait a minute......Canada......Dude, you got another 2 months of sorry.....Oh well, there's always the Stanley Cup.
I just got back from an afternoon ride ! All I can say is WOW what a fun bike to ride. It is a completely different bike to what I am accustom to ( 86 GS750S KATANA). This bike is exactly what I thought it would be FUN !!! I can see some tickets in my future because the front tire is screaming to come of the ground.
RickyBobby it's about 11 C a little cool but we had snow on Tuesday ! It is only going to get warmer from here !!! Boston Bruins 2009 Stanley cup Champions !!!!!!!!
Congrats firefighter and welcome. I pick mine up in a little over a week and can't wait. I've picked up lots of great info here, these guys rock.
Boston Bruins 2009 Stanley cup Champions !!!!!!!!

Not a chance, maybe if Ray Bourque was there.

I have a friend who played for the Bruins last year, he invited himself to training camp, and oddly made the team, played all season, and even made the playoff roster. Did well in the first few rounds, the Boston paper did a big article on him, and that night he blew it, and lost the game/series for the Bruins, Glen Metropolit.
Firefigher-Congrats on the new rig. Go ride the crap out of it.!!!
Glen Metropolt is now playing for the Montreal Canadians. He is not having the best year but he is still playing !
Cybrdyke : Yes I am going to go ride the crap out of it !

The move to the Habs must be recent, we saw him a few months ago, and he had gone from Boston to the Flyers, looks like he has been having a rough year all arround. His brother got out of prison, and went back in again. Gotta tell ya, the kid's got a big heart.
The Flyer's put him an waivers on Feb. 27 2009 and the Canadians scooped him up fast the same day ! He trained with the Flyer's in the morning and played with the Canadians that night against the Flyer's !
I guess I am a typical Canadian stereo type when it comes to Hockey ??

We are all over, I grew up in Connecticut, went to high school in Philadelphia, Played Bantams in New York, practiced where the Rangers practiced, their developmental coach was my Bantam ( and Mite, and Mini Mite) coach. Played Juniors in Philly, played games at the Spectrum (old Flyers arena). Have been a Flyers fan since the late 60's, Been an Islanders fan since the mid 70's (strive for five days).
Thay started a ECHL team in Pensacola, about an hour from here. Metro played the first couple of years there, them moved up, got picked up by the Caps. We see him a couple of times a year, he taught my kids (now 15 and 17) to skate. The highlight of the early years was when the Ice Pilots (P'cola) played the ampton Rds (VA) team, coached by John Brophy (Maple Leafs Head Coach), I got to meat him, had a drink or three with him. The low point was when Pensacola got Wayne Cashman as a coach, he was the guy who told me to get out of hockey when I was a Junior. I went to another team (Coach Joe Buchino, Rangers asst coach) and the next game scored a natural hat trick, ahhh revenge is sooo... sweet.

The Ice Pilots first coach, when they moved from Nashville (Nashville Knights) was Al Pederson, formerly of the Bruins. When I was in college in Rhode Island we went to games in the old Boston Garden. I played two seasons at Brown, then transfered to Union College (Skating Dutchmen) in upstate New York.

Been a while since we been to Tronno for a 2-4 a blue, me, I'd rather be seein' the Governor, eh!
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You know your way around a rink !!!! My father played for the Cleveland Baron's in the AHL back in the day. Me I just played AA , no Junior ! I still play twice a week once with friends and once with the Fire Department. It will be a sad day when I hang up the skates !
Wayne Cashman, I was never a big fan of his ! I was a fan of Terry O'Reilly !!
Be glad when it warms up where these guys are so they can get out and ride and quit yakking about hockey. Just kiddin.;)

This was last nights 6 o'clock Headline news !!! :D
Ok I will go for a ride now !!!!!!
I'll see your Bloody O'Reilly and raise you a Bobby Nystrom, the Islander who took the opponants helmet off their head, smacked them on the head three or four times with their own helmet, and tossed it back to them. The good old days.

How about Bobby Clarke?
The new Hockey thread

Bobby Clark was one of the best ! To bad he couldn't Manage the team like he played !
I will call your Bobby Nystrom and reraise you a Stan Jonathan !! :eek:
Gotta stay with Flyers

Best fighting line, Broad Street Bullies, Dave Schultz, Bob Hoffmeyer, Bobby Clarke, Tim Kerr (he owned the Ice Pilots for a few years), thay made Band Aid stock go up 10 points whenever they hit the ice, Made the "Legion of Doom" look like a bunch of catholic school girls playing field hockey (don't under rate those little bitches).

Best scoring line(s), Bossy, Trottier, Potvan, Nystrom (duh), and Billy Smith in goal. I was there when Billy Smith scored the first goal scored by a goalie in the NHL.

Favorite goalie, Ron Hextal

Oh, one more thing, Flyer colors, Orange and Black
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