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I share a nice information.:):)

The CLUB DE FRANCE SPORTSTER done this year, the 1st. SPORTSTER MEETING with international invitation.:clap::clap::clap:

Then, I accompany the poster of the event and an information box of some websites SPORTSTER.

A big hug.


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I dig that poster.......I'm guessing that's the 9th, 10th, and 11th of May.....Too close to the Dragon ride for me but I'm sure some of you EuroCats can make it :)

Post pictures!! We like pictures :)

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List of Sponsors & Partners in 2013 concentrated

Liste des Sponsors & partenaires de la concentre 2013

Commune d'Oberbronn
HD France
Concession HD de Strasbourg
Concession HD Rick's (Allemagne)
Wild Magasine
Comête Motorcycles (guiguite)
Rewaco (trikes)
Coldstone (Groupe)

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Here is the link for registration:

It offers a package of € 150 including:

3 nights (Thursday evening to Sunday morning)
3 Breakfasts
3 dinners (Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening)
1 lunch (meal Run Saturday afternoon)
Planned activities (concert (s), Run (s), village Sportster stands, tasting visit the brewery Uberach, etc ...
1 pack meeting 2013
Is not included in the package:
Or the additional nights (expect about 10/12 euros more per person per night) and other meals.

Accommodation: Cabin

The first record will be better served.
They will be accommodated in luxury chalets with all comfort, comfort and chalets, cottages up simple.
As in previous concentrate, you will be accommodated in rooms with a double bed or with single beds.
For those who wish to come to camper camping or even possible.
To clarify for those who come earlier or leave later ...

In the village:

a grocery store is open 24/24, even on holidays.
Possibility of catering in "Sergio" .... biker biker priced pizzeria .... camping .. always priced bikers ...


It is very likely to try a GUINESS RECORD SPORTSTER, something like:


A Big Hug.


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Translation On Line

Pour toutes inscriptions; envoyez un MP à Ken.
Les chalets "luxes" sont complets .... A COMPTER DE CE JOUR .... vous avez la possibilité d'être logés dans des chalets classiques sans wc et sans salle de bains ...bloc sanitaire ...!! Pour les célibataires et autres fêtards vous avez la possibilité de vous regrouper dans le batiment "dortoir" qui dispose d'une capacité d'une vingtaine de lits en trois chambres ... (bâtiment en dur avec salle de réunion + tout le confort, cuisine équipée etc ). Vous avez également la possibilité de camper ... Il reste donc : des chalets classiques, 3 chambres pour 20 personnes dans un dortoir tout confort, camping

For all entries, send a PM to Ken
The chalets "luxuries" are complete .... AS OF TODAY ....

you can be accommodated in cabins without conventional toilet and bathroom without toilet block ... ...!

For singles and other partygoers you the opportunity to gather in the building "dormitory" which has a capacity of twenty beds in three bedrooms ...

(permanent building with meeting room + all the comfort, kitchen etc.).

You also have the opportunity to camp ...

It therefore remains:

1) Chalets classic
2) rooms for 20 people in a dorm comfort,
3) camping

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Dears Friends.

To date there are 160 enrolled and increasing:D:D

So far they have confirmed their attendance:

1. BON of Japan, the ClubSporty883 of Kobe, Japan, established in 1999, who organized the 2009 SPORTSTER MEETING largest done so far: 523 SPORTSTER.
The Club's website is:

2. PUDELBIRNE and Achim from Germany, German Forum Administrator fanatics SPORTSTER in Germany, SPORTYFORUM.DE forum created in 2002.

3. BERT and his wife, Forum Administrator "for Sportster Enthusiast" Xl U.S. FORUM, forum created in 2003.
The Forum page is:

4. CHARLESB52 and his wife, Forum Creator and Administrator of Holland NETHERLANDS SPORTSTER OWNERS, forum created in 2005.

5. SPAVY of Italy, Forum Administrator SPORTSTER RIDERS ITALY, forum created in 2010, who is putting together a good group from Italy.

6. In addition:

a) German.
b) English.
c) Dutch
d) One of Norway, so far.
e) Many of Switzerland.
f) Many of Belgium.
g) Many of Luxembourg.
h) Many of France.

And RIDERS Forum SPORTSTER XR1200?:):):):clap::clap:

SPORTSTER MEETING bigger. Kobe, Japan, 2009.


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Hello dear friends XR and XL

Another great news.!!

Ken, the President of the SPORTSTER CLUB DE FRANCE statement on the website of Club, that:

"le Camion de l'Expérience Tour de HD sera présent sur le site pour que vous puissiez essayer tous les modèles dès le mercredi après-midi.
Vous ne vous doutez pas du prix astronomique que cela coûte et de l'effort consenti par HD France et la concession HD Alsace!"

"The Truck Tour Experience H-D will be on the site so you can try all models from Wednesday afternoon.
You do not doubt the astronomical price it costs and the effort made by France H-D and concession H-D Alsace! "

Furthermore, it will attempt a Guinness record for the Sportster and enter for the first time GuinessBook.

There are many other pleasant surprises. It comes in handy this.!

There are registered participants from 12 nations and rising.


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