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Went on a ride and after getting home went to pull the bike into the garage and the shift lever swung down to point directly at the ground. Now it only seems to shift through 3 gears and can't get to first or neutral.
I bought it with the aftermarket shift set (sato?) already installed and have put 1,500 miles on it no problems at all. The shift cable appears to be loose, should there be a screw or anything else here retaining it or just the tension?
It also has aftermarket clip ons which i'm not a fan of but the free spirits triple tree isn't ideal to put bars back on with a bit of a rise. Just wanted to check with the team here before diving into the transmission.



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Those are Giles Rearsets for sure.

I’d look at adjusting the cable first, but not going back into 1 and 2 has me rethinking you should look into the clutch adjusting under the primary cover.
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