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Hi to all from a guy who love so much Sporty since a long time.

Despite I don't like so much injection system (prefer carb's an' classic bikes than I ride too) this new XR enjoy me day after day.
I ride on other tasty Sportys as 883/1200 convert with Tstorm engine an' soon on XR1000 the best one (work in progress!)

I made 5000kms (3100miles) from new often on the french twisty back road, kind of road where there are the famous french road race "Moto Tour" than Buell bike won several times.
Despite its weight (260 crazy kilos) this bike is very funny to drive it.
I fit some Adrenaline's carbon parts and waiting a while thru I will find a good exhaust for it, and of course stage 1.
In fact I had always fit Supertrapp system (high one) on my bikes, but I don't like the new one for XR1200.

I live in France and Africa where I work and came sometimes in US Denver (CO)

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Bonjour. Entree vouz! Ferme la porte garcon! That's all the french I recall from living in ST. Remy as a child : )

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