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Traded in an 08 Suzuki Bandit for an 09 HD XR1200 last week.

Never tested it, just rode it off the lot.

Not as fast top end, but fom 0 to 80 its pretty close. As for handling, I prefer the XR as its not as top heavy and the seating position is much better.

I also thought about the B King, as that is one bad m fer and can dominate most bikes on the road. But, once again the seating position sucks.

The XR is pretty much in a class by itself, I compare it to my SV650.

Just get me some GD pipe choices, its kiling me.

I still smoke all my boyz with their hopped up street glides and big dogs.

I'm through the gears and down the road before they can light up a cig.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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