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I tried for a bit but couldn't think of what it means.

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So you’re a NGWIFFLI man. No Gear When I Feel Like It. 😝
Up until 1992, it was optional to wear a Helmet. in California.

I was like that in 1974 ( 48 years ago this month of May) .
I had burnt out the rectifier on my Honda 500, thanks to dropping a wrench on my battery negative and positive cables.

My Friend Eugene, stopped by and offered to give me a ride on his motorcycle to the Dealer 6 miles away.
It was a warm day about 85F 29C I did not feel like wearing my Helmet, jacket or gloves.
I felt it would be hot riding as a passenger behind with him blocking the cooling air.
I was wearing my riding boots , jeans and a T shirt.
I said to Eugene "it too hot, should I wear a Helmet ".
Eugene said " You should wear a helmet and jacket and gloves"
I put on my gear.and took off to the Dealer.

On the way home we got off the exit that loops around under the freeway overpass which is a blind right hand down
hill corner.
A car coming up the hill towards us make a U turn in front of us. We slammed it the side of the car.

I was knocked unconscious. My Premier Full face helmet did its Job. I had a chipped lower right incisor tooth.
My leather gloves did it job. I was holding onto the passenger grab rail that has an exposed bolt head nearby.
My left hand glove was slit down across the palm area. No cuts on my hands.
My Faux leather jacket was ripped across the back. No road rash.
My jeans had a rip in it right knee area. My right knee was scrapped up. No road rash any where on my legs.

When we slammed into the car, I hit Eugene helmet with my helmet which knocked both of us out.
The force of my body slammed Eugene into his Honda gas tank (crushed it like a beer can), the motorcycle landing
on his right leg breaking it. Eugene was in traction for 12 weeks?

I cartwheeled across the car spraining my back, both ankles and breaking a bone in my left foot. I also bruised my Kidneys. I had red pee for 24 hours, which had my mom was worried. I told my Mom it happen a lot to Desert riders
that why they wore Kidney Belts. I was laid up for 4 weeks

This accident happened 2 block from my house.
Since then I wear a Helmet Hot or Cold weather.


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Shudder to think what your injuries would have been like without the gear on, Jim. Given the LOC for both of you despite both of you wearing helmets, I'd say a skull fracture, guaranteed, +/- cerebral trauma & bleeding. Even in an open face helmet you'd likely have had facial injuries by the sound of the chipped tooth. You certainly made the right call that day. A sobering story.

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