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Aftermarket levers and brake switch functionality

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So...After a minor run-in (literally) with the gate by my shop, I ordered a new set of levers from Tucker Rocky, they are 'Biker's Choice' brand and supposedly fit the '04-'09 XL. They seem to fit very well, but the brake lever seems to not contact the brake light switch until excessive pressure is put on the brake lever. Any by excessive, I mean, if I tried to use the brake that way while riding, i would end up skidding down the road on my face...

Is there any way to adjust the switch, and/or modify the lever to operate correctly? I tried to go the cheap ($26) route instead of the H-D ($90) route. I would really like to save the money if a mod is possible.

Can anyone help me out?
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Take the new lever out and make sure the switch isn't pinched (this happens a lot) If that's not the issue compare the contact point on the stock lever and the aftermarket lever if there is a difference build up the new lever with JB weld and file it down to match the stocker.More than likely the switch is out of wack.
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