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Like that of a good protective helmet, boots, and jacket, over the many years of riding, I have been through a few of them, including gloves. The gloves need to fit well, breathe, insulate, and protect when and if something were to happen. 3 sets I have and they fit my needs very well.

Best Fitting Motorcycle Gloves You Can Buy (racerglovesusa.com)

Racer Gloves was intruduced to me when I started racing back in 2010, and Lee Block gave me a pair of their High Gloves to try out for a few races, and give him some feedback. I liked them so much, I also bought a pair called The Guide for daily riding. I finally bought a newer pair of both, and depending on the weather, I'll switch them out. I chose both with the white to keep my hands cooler inside.

High Racer Glove
High Racer Glove | Racer Gloves USA

Shoe Outdoor shoe Gesture Walking shoe Grey

This glove has a lot of protective sliders in all of the right places, covers the jacket sleeve, so it is just not a leather glove. It is breathable and being a little snug when new, will fiit better the more they are worn. I love the "pinky" and "ring" fingers are sewn together for two-finger lever action, especially on the throttle side so I can "blip" the throttle while downshifting and braking.

Guide Glove
Guide Glove | Racer Gloves USA

Shoe Glove Sports gear Sports equipment Safety glove

This glove is my daily rider glove, and it also vents well, has the same palm sliders as the High Racer, but is a shorter length and is a great summertime glove.

Tourmaster Winter Elite
Tour Master Winter Elite Gloves :: MotorcycleGear.com

Safety glove Product Sports gear Glove Gesture

My cold weather riding stops when it gets to about 36*F. The reason for this is because if you do the math, at the cruising speed of 80 mph the temperature drops into the "teens". Sure I could ride slower, but what fun is that? If I get caught in the rain, these gloves will also protect. I have had 2 pairs of these because I misplaced one set, and after I bought the second pair, that first pair showed up. Love the full rain cover in the upper zipper pouch. t has come in handy in the rain, and aslo blocks the cold air to the hands. Who needs heated grips, when the gloves do the job?

What gloves do you wear and why?
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