Ladies and Gentlemen…the time has come for me to thin out the toys and regretfully I am offering up my Black 2009 XR for your consideration.

First off let me say that I have oogled these bikes for years and always wanted to own one. So after lurking forums and searching ads high and low for just right bike with the right look, I finally pulled the trigger and bought an amazing California bike with all the right upgrades. I am extremely picky and meticulous with the maintenance and looks when it comes to my vehicles and bikes. Not only do they have to perform but they also have to look good. I don’t handle shortcuts or cutting corners very well. I rather do something once the right way even if it cost a lot more. So when I found this bike and went over all the details of it, I found that it was well taken care of and maintained and it also had a great look with a lot of cool V&H gear on it. I really love the way the race bikes looked and my goal was to have a similar street legal version of the race bike. Think, canyon carver meets Daytona speed way bike.

All that being said here is my bike and what I started with:

Super clean 2009 Black XR1200 (14k ish miles, still going up as I ride it once a week)
Carbon fiber front fender, airbox, belly pan, and tail section
V&H Stainless steel competiton exhaust
Billet adjustable rearset with matching shifter and rear brake pedal
17” Marchesini forged wheels with Dunlop Q3+
Ohlins steering dampener
V&H frame sliders / crash bobbins (very rare)
Lithium battery with upgrade mosfet regulator
Pitbull rear stand bobbins

I rode the bike for almost 1000 miles but never quite enjoyed the handling or suspension. So after a few months I took the bike to Big Bear Chopper in San Bernadino for a build. For those who don’t know about the shop, Kevin, the owner, builds some amazing bikes and has been on the discovery channel several times doing those biker build offs. His shop also has a Harley bagger they race in the King Of The Bagger series in MotoAmerica. Kevin is also the Ohlins guru, especially when it comes to Harleys.

Ok so off the bike went to them for about a month and they did a ton:

Free Spirit billet triple trees with 0 deg offset
Converted over to MX bars 1 1/8” at the clamps and 7/8” grips
Motion Pro REV2 quick turn throttle with custom cables
Converted all the Harley hand control switches to Domino brand MX switches. Custom wiring harness built to plug into the Harley harness so that nothing was cut.
Custom Clutch cable with a Muller easy clutch installed.
Converted the clutch and front brake perch to all Brembo with Brembo levers
Brembo radial master cylinder with custom black braided lines
Dual Brembo monoblock calipers up front with upgraded 320mm floating disks.
New custom Ohlins front suspension. (This was a complete custom build. Only the original Harley tubes and feet up front are what was left. I went with gold on the suspension arms because I thought it looked better than chrome.)
Rear Ohlins where completely torn apart, rebuilt, and tuned for my fat ass.
Baja Design LP6 headlight installed. LED front signals installed. (the rear already has LED blinkers.)
Larger carbon fiber air intake with gold mesh installed. (Have the original still)
Of course, all the fluids flushed and refreshed and bushing greased or replaced. (front/rear brake fluid, oil, front/rear suspension oil)
Finally, with everything back together and Kevin put the bike up on the dyno and tuned the ecu and made sure the throttle bodies were still synched.
In Kevin’s own words “The bikes runs like a beast!!!!”

After getting it back from the shop I just had one final touch to add to the bike. I stopped by 1DayWraps in Murrietta, CA and picked up a fresh set of V&H Race decals. (They have the template on file in case anyone is looking for a new set) In my opinion, the tail section looks 100% better when it has something on it.

So this is where we are now with the bike. I have a ton of pictures if these aren’t enough. Absolutely nothing wrong with the bike. No leaks, stutters, or problems. Whoever buys this could show up, hop on and drive it across the country no problem!!!

As with all projects I also have a ton of extra parts and pieces that never made it on to the bike. I also have most of the pieces that were removed from the build in case the new owner would like to change the bike to their own taste or modify the look.

Clean title and pink sheet in hand. Not in a hurry to sell and I will still be riding it as long as the weather here in San Diego hold up. So milage will increase.
I have a ton of other pics if you're interested. Just limited in what I can upload here.
Bike is available now for $12k. Located in San Diego, CA