I am selling my HD as I am not riding it enough, I have 2 other bikes hat I ride more. It is ready to ride with 13849 miles, might change if I ride, weather is getting nice here.
All modifications are on my profile, oil change done this week.
I will be happy to answer any questions,
Some details on the most important upgrade

changed the parts that are prone to fail: rear brake switch and neutral switch
Moore Racing fairing, directly from England.
XRX rear shocks
Termi exhaust
Scotty mod
Magura hydraulic clutch actuator
Braided brake lines.
PR4 tires
Carbon fiber front fender
Patriot fueler
LED headlight
Lithium battery
LED brake light
Tire Wheel Automotive lighting Automotive tail & brake light Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

Wheel Fuel tank Tire Automotive fuel system Vehicle

new tank and cover from HD under warranty.

The bike comes with all the original parts in a box.

email me at [email protected]