Ok, really this time! I think I am finally done with road riding. I knew because someone drove by me in a motorcycle and I didn't even turn to look. I find myself engrossed in RC airplanes these days. I must fund my purchase of an Extreme Flight plane!

This is a 2009 XR1200 with many upgrades but none of them engine/intake/exhaust.
-Ohlins Race Shocks (Trophy)--Long Length
-Fully adjustable Front Suspension with Showa Forks with Adriani Pistons
-17" Front Wheel
-Black rear cowl - impossible to find.
-Brand new battery on tender
-Upgraded Shifter
-Racing Rearsets
-Oil Cooler Guard
-Lowering Links are on the rear but not utilized right now (you could drop the back end by 1 inch)
-Corbin Seat (Raised 1 inch) and Stock Seat
-Floating Disc Brakes
-The bars are lower and sportier (but not bent over)--Stock Bars are not available
-Blacked out Taillight.
-I cut out the fender but no fender eliminator kit.

The only thing that makes this not an "X" is the engine isn't blacked out, but I believe I have all the other upgrades. As you can imagine, this bike handles quite well for what it is. $7500 -- offers welcome. But I will not part out.