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    Hi All, I did the Scotty mod a while ago, changing my primary to 38 tooth for a longer transmission. Now that I only do track with my XR, I'm looking to go back to stock primary ratio for maximum torque. (I was stupid enough to sell my stock parts at the time...) So I need If sb is selling...
    So I was doing some digging around on the interweb for a winter project and i found this local company out of Plymouth, WI that offers a 90" bore kit specifically for the XR. Was just wondering if anyone has attempted this yet or what your opinions on this were. Also was wondering if anyone has...
  3. Known Problems, Broke Stuff, and Fixes
    I hesitate to even post this ..... I want to treat it like all the threatening problems in my life (you know, ignore it and hope it goes away)....but my bike has started jumping out of third....started about a week ago and seems to be getting worse.... At this time I've made no attempt at...
  4. Oil. Bubblin' Crude. Black Gold. Texas Tea.
    Love this site!! I'm just about to crack on with my initial service on my bike, was just wondering if its all good to use the same oil in both the engine and the transmission. Any feed back would be great. Cheers from Australia.
1-4 of 4 Results