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  1. Known Problems, Broke Stuff, and Fixes
    So, number 1, please no one on here buy a TomTom of any kind. You will get screwed. The entire company has amnesia with what the sell and where. I bought my Rider 2nd edition in April of 2010. I had it on my BMW and used it in my truck. It worked great, until it didn't. I noticed it...
  2. Bike and Riding Related Stuff
    Need to tap y'alls resources. My TomTom works fine, but the cradle that I can dock/charge the unit via no longer charges the unit. It worked on my BMW, but when I transferred it over to the XR, it didn't work. I do not know how long it didn't work, or if it was dropped, etc. I just know it...
1-2 of 2 Results