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    Greetings, I have a brand new ( still in the box ) set of D & D slip on mufflers for sale and a Thundermax Auto tune Still in box with Australian warranty. Unused with Australian warranty These lines are now deleted product from the Australian importer. I am located in Victoria...
  2. EFI maps....maybe
    The idea for this thread is to share Thundermax maps. It would be preferable if you list engine mods, airbox and exhaust so that others know what might be a good match for their system. Here is my current build Hammer Performance heads with oversize valves and 15 degree squish band Wiseco...
  3. EFI Tuning for the XR1200
    Have run Mr Zippers Thundermax on an 07 883 - worked very well, and on my FXDB - took a long time to sort out and get right. They're a great fuel/timing managment system and very flexible (and complex to sort out) but getting very pricey for a 90's architecture. You seem to favor the SERT or...
    A little dissappointed with the gains considering the price, but the weight savings alone was worth it. Looks like I might need to find a tuner familiar with the Thundermax.
    Is $700 too much? It looks like they are going for $900 on eBay. Anyway, this one, obviously, is for the XR: Part #309-364. This device replaces your stock ECM and stock narrow band sensors. Take it off and replace it with this unit and the included wide band O2 sensors.. It works fine and...
1-5 of 8 Results