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  1. General XR1200™ modifications and parts
    This is one way someone came up with to try and make the stock seat on our bikes a little more comfortable. I asked the creator of the video if he wanted to join our group…but I don’t know if he has. He also has other videos of his XR1200, and things he’s done to it.
    Sold the xr and have some parts to post. OEM Exhaust pipe great shape with all shields OEM mufflers 3/4" drilled OEM Drivers Seat no passenger KN oil filter in box 5- NGK DCPR7EIX 6046 spark plugs HD Diamond Black Foot Pegs # 50695-08 Separate or bundle make offer
    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone is willing to sell a rear seat. Probably aimed at someone thats fitted an aftermarket rear cowl. :) I walked out of the shopping centre the other day to find mine no longer attached to my bike.:001_9898: Anyway, if anyone wants to part with one please let...
    I have decided to clear some material from the garage. I wish to sell my stock perfect condition seat cowl with seats and head pipe. I have no idea on value so please feel free to make an offer. Head pipe with shields 100 + shipping Seat cowl with seats 250 + shipping. Thanks Rich
  5. General XR1200? Topics
    Was this a commonly available seat at some point? The MotorCyclist website that I found this on says it is a custom seat but it appears to match the Saddlemen version that I bought from a fellow XROG member. I currently have an email in to Saddlemen to see if the seat is still made...
    Like new never used Saddleman seat, bought last year between operations and never used it. I can send pictures if interested. $150.00 and free shipping in the USA. Thanks
  7. General XR1200™ modifications and parts
    I'm thinking of sourcing an aftermarket seat. I've heard from many riders of many different bikes that this is one place where you can really improve your riding experience. I'm hoping to get some good experience stories here. Thanks in advance.
  8. Known Problems, Broke Stuff, and Fixes
    Rookie question: I managed to scratch and rub raw parts of my seat (plastic part, not the seat cushion) with some bungee cords I was using to carry my back-pack around. Bone head move, I know. Now that I've thoroughly repented of my carelessness and vow never to repeat that mistake, how do I...
1-8 of 8 Results