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  1. General XR1200™ modifications and parts
    Hey Guys, I have looked around the forum, picked some informations but I am not sure I understood everything, so I would need you advice and simple guidelines. I want to do something pretty simple to my full-stock XR, the "minimum" I would say : exhaust, air filter, power adjustment. What is...
  2. EFI Tuning for the XR1200
    I have the FMF Power Programmer, I am trying to get it set for my bike and I was wondering if anyone had one of these and would have some insight on the thing. I have a stock exhaust system with the mufflers taken off. The bike basically runs like crap without the mufflers, so I installed the...
  3. General XR1200™ modifications and parts
    A preview for those of you that haven't seen it. Struggled to find this in the shops, but it's available here for anyone like me that wanted a hard copy: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMERICAN-V-U-K-Harley-Mag-No-54-July-2012-NEW-COPY-/310407874171?pt=UK_Magazines&hash=item4845c0467b
  4. General XR1200™ modifications and parts
    Hi, Dunno if anybody has said this before, but: If you go to www.knfilters.com and search for XR1200 parts, it gives you the option to recommend a part for your bike. If we all lobby K&N for a product specific air filter, we might get one a lot sooner. Come on then lads, let's see what...
1-4 of 4 Results