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  1. XR1200™ Events
    We have the official thread going over at http://www.xr1200ownersgroup.com/site/showthread.php?11670-EPIC-FOUR!!!!!!-Wooooo-hooooo!!!!! but the title doesn't really describe it well. So if you see this thread first, pop over to...
  2. XR1200™ Events
    Don, Geno, By chance is one of you guys taking the lead on this ride? I need to plan for time off and hotel reservation in the San Diego area. I assume the hotels fills up quickly for Memorial Day weekend. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Trip Reports / Write-Ups
    Okay, had to write this as everyone is waiting for the pictures and I just got home from 3 days of EPIC riding with the SoCal XROG! It is always an adventure! :) MadDog and I ride 200 miles on Saturday to get down to Orange County to make dinner with Street Tracker. But first we had to check...
  4. XR1200™ Events
    OK, I have been quietly planning this ride. Last year we had 11 riders and a big and long breakfast. This year I think we need to break our World Record for most XR's in one place and do a bit more riding. Don't be intimidated as I will do maps so that you can ride at your own pace and end up at...
1-4 of 4 Results