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  1. General XR1200? Topics
    It was a beautiful mild day in Cinci yesterday and the wife and kids were out so I went for a quick ride. I wasn't going far or fast so I left the riding pants and boots behind. There was no traffic on one of my favorite roads so I was proceeding at a spirited pace. Not the quickest I've done...
  2. Known Problems, Broke Stuff, and Fixes
    Hello Guys, Let me tell you how i crashed my XR yesterday. When I was about to leave, i notice on the ground near the front wheen what's seemed to be an oil stain. whatevs, i leave. First intesection,first brake, i brake, no braking, slippy, big white van in front of me, I had to stop, i jump...
  3. General XR1200™ modifications and parts
    Just fitted a set of these Crash Bobbins to the XR. They look tidy enough, seem fairly robust, and fitted pretty well. They use the existing horn mounting and are quite a neat fit. They do touch the brake pipes on full lock, but don't push the left one too much when putting on the steering...
1-3 of 3 Results