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    VistaPrint handled the printing and shipping last year. Yeah, they did some outstanding quality, but $30 for a calendar? Ouch! Anybody have some favorite calendar printing service they could recommend? It needs to be international so that people all over the world can get one. Naturally, $2...
  2. EFI Tuning for the XR1200
    So, I'm thinking a neat theme for my 2014 Calendar would be to have a bike in the center with a dyno chart below it. I don't have enough XR pics to make the same kind of calendar I had last year, unless I re-use old pics, and I'd rather not do that. I can still do 3 or 4 XRs on either side...
    Estimated Price: $25 - Includes $1 for the website Shipping: Varies with Country (but less than $10 each in the USA) I just purchased four (4) calendars for myself, and the total for them came to $71.97 and I was charged $9.34 for shipping. That brings the total cost per calendar...
1-3 of 3 Results