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  1. General XR1200™ modifications and parts
    LOVE these O.G. XR race bikes. Even V&H's XR kit started w/ their shocks in black (not pictured) and the digital clocks and better exhaust were still available. Earliest that I've seen being Spain's BBQ Series. Only sources I've found are an article here and there that romanticize the...
  2. XR1200's Go Racing
    Over at Superbike Planet there's an article on AMA's 2015 plans. Things haven't been great, AMA wise, for a while. I think the two day structure will help some, I think consolidating the sportbike series is a mistake, and I think cost containment is a worthy goal but in the last paragraph...
  3. Race Schedules and Results
    Anybody else watching this at http://www.amaprolive.com/ft/? Great racing so far, if the dash for cash is any indication Brad Baker looks to be in good ship Smith and the Kawasakis have some speed on the straights. It really ought to be on TV but kudos to the AMA for putting it on the web for...
    I have Lee Kuhn Jr’s AMA Spec B-bike for sale which is a 2011 Harley-Davidson XR1200X with about 300km on the clock. It has a clear Ontario ownership(STREET LEGAL). Made 92 hp labour day weekend on the National dyno on GT260. Huge flat torque curve. It has the following upgrades: SATO billet...
    I love racing this bike, but I need to sell it to fund my 2013 race program. I'm selling the fully prepped race bike with all the spares and all the light etc to make it back into a street bike. It is still fully registered as a street bike. Smoking deal for everything that you are getting with...
  6. XR1200's Go Racing
    Travis Wyman here, We are are the beginning stages of transforming another XR1200 to add to the line up for Harv's Harley-Davidson racing! For any of those who are interested, the bike is being worked on by my crew chief Aaron Brown and XR1200 mechanic Robb Hilfiker. Step one was to pull the...
  7. General XR1200? Topics
1-7 of 7 Results