Hello XR1200 riders!!
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    Default Hello XR1200 riders!!

    I've known about this forum since I bought my 2012 XR1200X back in May of 2015, just haven't seen the need to be active on here until the Facebook groups didn't give me the information and discussion I seek. I know this is THE place to discuss anything XR related, and I'm happy to be a member here.

    So far I've put over 18,000 miles on my XR, two sets of Pirelli Angel GTs, upgraded the front brake pads to sintered, installed a Bassani Road Rage exhaust, installed a Free Spirits intake, some R&G crash frame sliders, and a Barnett billet Scorpion clutch assembly and basket. Had the bike dyno tuned, cranking out 85hp and 75ft-lbs. I ride it hard with a bunch of sport bikes, so this bike gets abused a bit too much and its time to upgrade even further now.

    My plans are to do new, lighter wheels with a 17" front, stickier tires, new rear set, steering stabilizer, lower bars (possibly clip ons), 120+hp 1275 Hammer conversion, bigger front pulley for higher speed, and some different body parts. I'd stick to keeping it a road bike, that I could take to the track if I wanted to. Any constructive criticism or help is welcomed!

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    Default Re: Hello XR1200 riders!!

    Sounds like an aggressive path forward, and a fun one.

    How much of an improvement did just the dyno tune give you?

    BTW, I was probably gonna list a set of free spirit clip-ons(anodized red and black) and top triple clamp(anodized black) whenever I figured out a fair ask on them.

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    Default Re: Hello XR1200 riders!!

    Welcome to The Forum from sunny SoCal!
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    Default Re: Hello XR1200 riders!!

    Welcome from Sydney Australia. Nice list of upgrades you have there.

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    Default Re: Hello XR1200 riders!!

    Welcome from Alabama

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    Default Re: Hello XR1200 riders!!

    Welcome from Melbourne, Australia.


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    Default Re: Hello XR1200 riders!!

    Welcome to the group from Connecticut, glad you found us, sounds like some nice upgrades you are planning

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    Default Re: Hello XR1200 riders!!

    Welcome Colt.45. Sounds like you’re ready to slather you’re bike up with goodies. I don’t have any constructive criticism or any criticism at all just my opinion based on my experience. I didn’t read anything in your introduction about suspension. I think some of that dough ray me would be best spent there. If you’re into carving with sport bike buddies this would be my list in order.
    Drag Specialties motor mounts: reduced swingarm flex for more consistent cornering through throttle changes.
    longer High quality rear shocks: steepens the steering angle for easier turn in and waaaay better action
    cartridge fork kit:even the X forks aren’t that good. Again, waaaay better action.
    17” front wheel:after raising the back with good shocks, start by raising the forks in the trees to emulate the smaller wheel. If you like that you’re gonna luuuuuuv the 17.
    Thennnn...bars, rear sets, and lastly motor modifications.
    That’s my opinion. Oughta be yours. Hahaha. Mostly have fun!



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