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    So I have had the fortune/misfortune of purchasing and wearing a few different lids in recent history so I figured I would share my thoughts. By way of background, I wear a size medium - intermediate oval. I am hard on stuff. I drop shit, I crash, I am that person that should not have nice things....


    Shoei RF1200 - Great, great helmet. Stays put on your head. Does not move around. Great for checking left and right. Great for street and track. Pretty quiet. If you are in a tuck, you do not have to lift the chin up, the eye port is sufficiently high. Only complaint is the snap is a little higher up than it should be, makes it hard to snap. The snap on the RF1100 was better, but everything else is better on the RF1200.

    Arai Corsair X - High quality helmet. Too fragile and too nice for me. This is for fancy people. I dropped mine and it landed on the top. Everything looked good, but going down the highway the top air channel completely ripped out. This is a $900.00 helmet that I can't use. The helmet would also cant forward a bit. In the tuck, I would have to push up on the chin to get adequate vision.

    Araia RX-Q - Wow, this thing is comfortable.This is not a tight fitting race helmet. This is a long distance super comfortable touring helmet. Try one on at the shop and you will see what I mean. I have one in hi-viz and use on rainy days.

    Bell Race Star Tracer - Great helmet but it folds my ears, and they stay folded. The ear pocket is just not big enough for my ears to unfold. Otherwise great helmet. Just does not work for me.

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    I've got an RF-1200 too -- glad to hear you like yours! I love how quiet it is. The only complaint I have about mine is that I came from an older RF-1000 and I couldn't use the same size RF-1200. I had to go from a Medium up to a Large, which is fine -- the problem is the Large and Extra-Large share the same exterior shell -- so the helmet feels freakishly large coming from the Small/Medium exterior shell. Three years later, still haven't got used to that!



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