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    Quote Originally Posted by Musky Mike View Post
    Don't use the map from FuelMotto, download the map in your bike and use that as the base map. If all you have is exhaust, just run the autotune basic feature that comes in the PV, if its running well after 5 to 6 auto tunes, no need to spend the money on the target tune feature. There are a bunch of videos on youtube on how to use the unit and how to autotune basic.
    I should clarify, I said don't use FuelMotto has been noted on few occasions that their map is an XL map and it doesn't run well in the XR. The stock map in your bike now is the best map to start with. You will notice the most difference after data logging a few times and excepting the changes and using the new map. I never really felt a power increase with mine, but part throttle cruise at 3000-4000 rpm really smoothed out. You can also add fuel for decel pop from the menu and a few other things. Just watching the videos will give you the basics, but there is a lot more you can do if you download the map to your computer.

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    I agree with using a computer. Much better access to the device and what it can do.

    Data logging is a wonderful thing.


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