Power Commander V - Do I need the Auto tune kit?
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    Default Power Commander V - Do I need the Auto tune kit?

    Hi all,
    I've been getting a "Do not Like" from my Dyno guy over the direction I'm going.
    I've started with a SE Pro Super Tuner (Black series A 4-pin) but he keeps insisting on the Power Commander V
    As yet the bike has not been on the dyno & the SE tuner has not been paired.

    Issue I'm having is that If I do go the PC-V do I need the Auto Tune Unit (AT-100) for stock sensors or the Target Tune with the wide-band O2 Sensors (TT-1)?
    Can I get away with running the stock sensors? & what do these units really do?

    I've upped my exhaust from a modified stock to a total replacement with a DanMoto Highwayman-2 (With a custom "Up-kick" on the muffler for clearance)
    With the limited amount of room on the bike for anything new, I'm a bit concerned about fitting it all together, having it work & not looking like a hatchet job for the installation.

    It's also the added expense.
    SE Tuner & cables owes me around A$350
    However New Power Commander stuff
    PV-V =A$465, AT-100 =A$545 or TT-1 =A$700. Totalling either A$1010 or A$1165. Not including postage & customs.

    I already have the SE Pro Super Tuner & Cables for my bike.
    It seems a waste to now go out & replace it all with different system.

    Has anyone done the SE tuner set up, then gone for a PC-V set up?
    If so, there any improvements?

    Or am I worrying over nothing.

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    Default Re: Power Commander V - Do I need the Auto tune kit?

    You shpouldn't need the auto tune, the Dyno guy should have a way of measuring your AFR and can adjust the PC-V accordingly.
    With the autotune & wideband sensors you can set it up without a dyno, although a dyno should give you better results

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    Default Re: Power Commander V - Do I need the Auto tune kit?

    Hey Shovel- my 2c worth... My XR came with a SEPST, but I tried a number of times to plug it in & do stuff with it, with no success. Downloading the software & pairing it to the unit seemed to be impossible, as I remember. But there's nothing wrong with them from what I've read, so yours should work fine of course.

    I recently bought a used PCV + A/T setup from a chap in Brazil (PCVs don't pair with your ECU, but SEPSTs do). I spent awhile on the install and researching how to get the AT happening (there's no local dyno setup I trust around here). So now it's working, with a jerry-rigged switch to turn the AT on & off, and I plug the laptop into the bike after rides to check the trim tables & accept them unless they look a bit weird then I change them a bit etc etc. It's a bit fiddly and a bit hit-and-miss sometimes, but I think it's getting steadily closer to where it should be.

    If you're good with your dynotune man, then my opinion is you don't need the Autotune. PCV is enough. He will get you straight to the mapping you need in one session, whereas the Autotune will take much time sitting next to your bike with your laptop on your lap. (and a bit of time scratching your head & searching through FAQs on websites).

    ...If your SEPST is new & unpaired then I'm pretty sure someone will buy it from you. Ebay is your friend.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Power Commander V - Do I need the Auto tune kit?

    My .02 worth. I have a '10 XR and I put a used PCV I got in these pages for $250 on mine, like 8 years ago. Engine related mods are almost zero other than a pair of aftermarket FMF mufflers on stock pipes, a pair of NGK Iridium plugs and a Blackhorn intake. No Autotune module or time on a dyno. And other than a tendency to flame out on hard overun, ie. hard engine braking say downhill, it runs fine and pulls like a train, good plug colour, everything. So while I can't comment on the SEPST, I agree with HouseyHousey and Murray that a PCV and a good dyno guy should be enough to make a great running bike. I see you're in South Aus. Look up Neville Lush, he's the local tuning guru and has done XR's before, notably a former member here called Corpse.




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