TH2 & Free Spirits Air Box

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    Default TH2 & Free Spirits Air Box

    Hi all,

    I began the tuning work with the DPV I used for my Nightster (I had to buy a license for the XR).

    I started in Winter and had to stop after 5 autotune sessions only as the weather would not permit extended/fun rides.

    Later, I did not resume the autotune work but decided to see what a custom dyno map would give instead, as I was given the opportunity to do so.

    So the graphs here are not a stock vs dyno comparison but a DPV ''incomplete'' tune vs dyno.

    Dyno XR1200X June 2016.jpg

    The results are pretty good in my opinion, and I could immediately feel that the dip at low rpm had vanished ! The tech could have squeezed a few more hp without the db-killers but I am not a big fan of the TH II sound (or noise).

    Still, the DPV did a fine job. However, not sure at all that I could have been able to flatten the torque curve at low revs, even with a lot more autotune sessions.

    To sum up, nothing replaces a good custom tune.
    But if you're far away from a dyno, a DPV would produce very acceptable results for a similar amount of money + (lots of) patience and some good DPV literature !

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    Default Re: TH2 & Free Spirits Air Box

    Good job!, I'm happy with the power vision, made about 86 hp with mine, but I didn't do a custom tune on the dyno.

    2009 XR 1200
    1983 XR 1000

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    Default Re: TH2 & Free Spirits Air Box

    Quite respectable numbers there.
    You see in this world there are two kinds of people my friend.
    Those with loaded guns, and those who dig.

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    Default Re: TH2 & Free Spirits Air Box

    Very good numbers indeed.
    Show up on time, do your best and don't grumble about the outcome.

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    Default Re: TH2 & Free Spirits Air Box

    Any time you're achieving > 90 RWHP with bolt on parts you're doing well, dyno tune or no.


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    Default Re: TH2 & Free Spirits Air Box

    Looking good RoadsteR. That is a well configured XR.
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